Saturday, August 27, 2011

bollywood elephant cookies

this order was all about bollywood! elephant with henna decoration all over. i love the way these turned out! i loved the colors!

animals cookies: lion, hippo and monkey

i was in vegas couple of months ago and came across this candy store with the cutest lollipops. i thought to myself, gotta make this into one of the sugar cookies! so, here is my take on it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

new images of baby shower cookies

just adding few more additional baby shower cookies....

bite size sugar cookies in abstract design

this order was especially fun to do. this was for an engagement party and the theme colors were sunset; red, pink and orange. i got to experiment with different decorating tips and it was a lot of  fun! the only thing was that the order was 254 bite size i was really busy this week. 

chocolate chip cookies

i recently had a order for chocolate chip cookies! can you believe it? it was for out-of-town guest, who were in town for a wedding. they wanted 200 cookies, 2 cookies in each bag to place in each basket. that meant, they made 100 baskets....omg, that is a lot of work. it was pretty simple, just two jumbo cookies in cello bag, tied with a ribbon and picture of the couple on the front. definitely a very handsome couple. wish them a lot of happiness!

more cupcake favors....

Cupcake cookie has been really popular this year, especially for birthday. Below are few images. 

this is not related to cupcakes, but i just wanted to include a teacup cookie order that i had recently as well......tho, the little nipple on the dot, was accidental. didn't mean for that to occur....
 I really like the way the flowers turned out and the swirl on the handle. next time, maybe i will do brown polka dots.


This was just a quick samples I made for a phone order..

La Cornue Logo Cookies

Have you ever walked into Williams-Sonoma and came across a gorgeous antique range? Something that you would find in France? That is right, I am referring to the La Cornue ranges. I can probably save up enough money to own one in about 40 years +!!  Here is the link if you have no idea what I am talking about! It is definitely worth looking at!

Coincidentally, I work for Purcell Murray, whom distributes La Cornue to dealers including Williams-Sonoma, all over the country. Anyways, La Cornue was holding an event this month at the Purcell Murray Brisbane Showroom and asked me to make the favors. So, below are few of the images of my creation, the new logo of La Cornue. I made two sets, one batch with black background with gold lettering and the second batch with white background with black lettering. From what I heard, the cookies were very well received!!